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Large Landjaeger Display Case with Balcony / Fits up to 32 Pairs


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But fear not! We're always working on new display cases, and we can talk with our woodworker if you're interested in a piece such as this.

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Own a brilliant piece of Wisconsin history with this handmade wooden display case. These are some of our most highly-decorative displays to date, and Heinz has gone above and beyond with brand new hand-crafted elements such as a balcony w/ planters, and a door & two windows,

We partnered with Master Sausage Maker, Heinz Mattmann, to bring these limited-edition cases to life, and it's an absolute honor to work with a true Green County legend with over 55 years of sausage-making (and wood-working) experience under his belt.

More than just a pretty face, these display cases help to keep a steady airflow moving throughout the pairs of landjaeger - allowing them to properly air-dry while also preventing any mold from developing.

- This beautiful case was built of Quality Pine Board in August 2022, and Heinz hand-stains them in different tones to give each case its own distinct identity.

- Display case also comes with a unique Certificate of Authenticity.

- Basic dimensions are 18" H from base to tip of roof, and 22" W from one end of the roof to the other.

- 15.5" interior space and dual-dowel design comfortably holds 12-24 pairs of landjaeger.

- Plastic tubing over dowels prevents oils from penetrating the wood.

- Heinz also wood-burned his signature and the year of production into the piece.

**If inquiring in the Madison area, please feel free to touch base and we can arrange a meetup to avoid shipping costs**

Everyone is welcome to reach out in the Contact section with any questions, and thanks to Heinz for all the hard work that went into this meaty masterpiece!