The French Republican Wall Calendar: Years 232-235


BRAND NEW: Third Edition!!

The French Republican Wall Calendar is a visual representation of the calendar implemented during the French Revolution.

In keeping with the new values of science, humanism, secularism, and a reverence for the every day "citoyen," the creators of the calendar renamed days for plants, animals, tools and elements native to France. Months were renamed for the atmospheric conditions of that time of year.

The result was, unsurprisingly, not much use as an actual calendar but a beautiful representation of French life and a new, far more poetic way to capture the passage of time.

Handsomely printed, durably saddle-stitched, and lovingly shipped from Madison, Wisconsin


- Features all twelve Revolu­tionary Months (and the Sans­culottides Holidays)

- The calendar begins where the last one finished -- on the first Sans-Culotides in year 232 of the French Era (September 16th, 2024) -- and runs until 30 Fructidor in year 236 of the French Era (September 15th, 2028)

- Includes an all-new introductory essay


- UK and EU buyers, we love your support more than you know. That said, shipping can be expensive and there are possible import taxes once the calendar arrives. We are doing our best to deal with it on our end but we can't guarantee you won't get some sort of *additional bill.*

- The calendar does not function as a usable wall calendar. It is a curiosity and makes a great gift for revolutionaries, locavores, francophiles, and anyone who hates normal time keeping.

By: Ursula Lawrence

Illustrated by: Josefin Skoglund

Designed by: Jon White

Length: 16 pages

Release Date: December 2023

Ursula Lawrence is a comedy writer and (extremely) amateur historian of the French revolution. Her television credits include Drunk History and Adam Ruins Everything.

A native Madisonian, Ursula recently returned after fifteen years in New York and Los Angeles. She lives in Nakoma with her husband Jeff, their son Reuben and a very large cat named Ira.

More of her writing can be found at

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