Bavaria Landjäger Bundle


The perfect bundle for fans of Bavaria Sausage and German-inspired landjäger! This box arrives at your door with *12 PAIRS* of landjäger & a chub of summer sausage...and a lot of local love!

Your care package will include:
- One 6-pack of Bavaria Traditional landjäger
- One 6-pack of Bavaria Pepper landjäger (spicy)
- One Bavaria summer sausage with Pepper landjäger seasoning

Based in Fitchburg, WI, Bavaria's landjäger is made from very lean beef, natural spices & ingredients (mixed fresh daily), and then hickory smoked to perfection. Bavaria never uses MSG, gluten, or liquid smoke.

Founded in 1967 by German Master Sausage Maker, Fred Voll, Bavaria Sausage crafts an endless assortment of completely traditional sausages - with their landjäger and pfefferjäger accounting for two of their most popular and award-winning products.

As with all landjäger, we recommend leaving them out to air dry once you remove them from the vacuum seal. This gives the landjäger time to dry out, and the mixture of meat, spices, and smoke aromas & flavors really begin to open up.

When air-drying, please ensure the landjäger is in a cool, dry location to prevent any mold. Landjäger will stay perfectly edible for over a year, it just requires a little love & care in the meantime!

From Fitchburg to your doorstep, you can't find better landjäger than that made in Wisconsin!

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