"RIESIG" Landjaeger Display Case - Fits up to 32 Pairs


The Big Kahuna. The Case to End All Cases. Lord of the Land. Whatever you want to call it, there has never been a display case quite like this.

After years of working together, Heinz and I wanted to get a little crazy. We wanted a case that would stand as tall & look as beautiful as the Swiss Alps themselves. And here we have it, the RIESIG series of Landjaeger display cases. More than a mere case, however - this is a true one-of-a-kind Wisconsin collectors item.

As always, the RIESIG Landjaeger Display Case was handcrafted in New Glarus. What separates this beauty is the absolutely massive scale and insane level of detail. Honestly, pictures don't even do this house justice as it comes in at **22" wide and 21.5" tall**

Heinz has continued his woodworking excellence with intricate details throughout the entire piece - from colorful flowers on the balconies, to reflective doors & windows, to a charming chimney sitting atop the roof. And did we mention it holds landjaeger?

More than just a pretty face, these display cases help to keep a steady airflow moving throughout the pairs of landjaeger - allowing them to properly air-dry while also preventing any mold from developing.

- This beautiful case was built of Quality Pine Board, and Heinz hand-stained them in different tones to give each case its own distinct identity.

- Basic dimensions are 19" H from base to tip of roof...21.5" H from base to tip of chimney...and 22" W from one end of the roof to the other - making this the largest series of cases we've ever seen or offered for sale.

- 14.5" interior space and dual-dowel design comfortably holds 16-32 pairs of landjaeger.

- Plastic tubing over dowels prevents oils from penetrating the wood.

- Heinz also wood-burned his signature and the year of production into the piece.

Local Contact & General Questions:

- If inquiring in the Madison area, please feel free to touch base and we can arrange a meetup to avoid shipping costs.

- Everyone is welcome to reach out in the *Contact section* with any questions.

Cheers to Heinz!!

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