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Benny the Bat: Adventures in Big Building City


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Benny the Bat loves the friendly, relaxing forest he calls home.

Within the forest, Benny enjoys the fresh air and company of his many great friends. When the residents of nearby Big Building City start driving their cars into the forest, Benny decides it’s time to explore the distant city for himself.

With nothing more than his backpack and a thirst for exploration, Benny begins his adventure and soon discovers a world very different than what he’s used to.

Join Benny the Bat on his adventures in Big Building City!

By: Grace Lacelle

Illustrated by: Jessalyn Mailoa

Length: 24 pages

Release Date: January 2022


Introducing Benny the Bat, a friendly & adventurous character created by our newest KFP collaborator, Grace Lacelle, from Golden, Colorado.

You'll love the story, you'll once again be blown away by Jessalyn Mailoa's beautiful imagery, but the thing that may shock you most is that Grace is just 8 years old!

That's right! Grace first told KFP about her intention to write a book back in 2021, and we worked together over the course of a year to finally bring Benny to life.

What you'll find is a wonderful new addition to the Karate Fight lineup of children's books, and we can't wait to see what Grace is working on next...

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