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Landjaeger Bundle

  • Landjaeger Bundle

The perfect landjaeger bundle for first-timers & long-time fans, this box arrives at your door with *24 PAIRS* of landjaeger & a chub of summer sausage (and a lot of love!).

Your care package will include:
- One 6-pack of Bavaria Traditional landjäger
- One 6-pack of Bavaria Pepper landjäger (spicy)
- One 6-pack of Zuber's Italian landjaeger
- One 6-pack of Zuber's Door County Cherry landjaeger
- One Bavaria summer sausage with Pepper landjäger seasoning

We've worked hard to develop a diverse mix that showcases the many different flavors landjaeger can offer, while also highlighting a Swiss producer from Green County & a German producer from Dane County.

And to top it off, we're tossing in a unique & delicious German-style summer sausage with Pepper landjäger seasoning!

We've also done everything we could to keep costs within reason. You can hop around and find landjaeger on different sites, but at the end of the day, KFP offers your one-stop shopping without ever typing "Amazon" into your search bar.

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